I found your blog when I searched for "I Am Eve." I posted your Gaelic version but I was unable to link it properly to you. Ciao!

That really is SO weird. I was just reading that post, thinking about its’ implications and my brevity. I hope it moves you as much as it did me! Thanks for the link- not many credit sources nowadays! haha.

Daily Rituals of the Greats

Budapest, the Beautiful.

This summer can’t come fast enough!

Scott's Suicide reveals Tragic Side of City's glitzy Scene

This article is very true- when following your dreams, remember that though it’s adventurous and daring to dive in…you need to be able to take a breath so that you don’t drown.

It’s really, really weird almost not having a memory…
I’m ‘creeping’ myself, and I’m genuinely surprised and laughing at some of the things I’ve done, and the people I’ve met but forgotten about.

I supposed I should be sad, but I’m also mildly thankful. I get to forget about a lot of the crappy parts of my life, and I get to constantly be reminded of the cool shit I’ve done.

…or I can be depressed that I’m not going to have stories to tell my grandchildren without a reference photo or text.

Luckily, I’m a world-half-full kinda girl.

You’re not exciting, you’re not adventurous, you’re not fun…and you’re also not fooling anyone.



Too many options. Not enough time OR money. 

Being a twenty-something really isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be.